Decoding action names in RUM agent

We are currently exploring using Elastic APM against our application. We'd like to capture both RUM data (in browser observation of user experience) as well as more traditional APM information.

Our application unfortunately is built using a web framework (Vaadin) that wraps all actions encoded as URL params and POST's to the same back-end URL (e..g. POST /myapp/UIDL). As a result, the user actions in the RUM agent aren't helpful for discerning individual user actions.

Is there a way to decoration/override the action names using the RUM agent API to get more useful data out of RUM agent?

Hi @seafoodbuffet,

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We have the addFilter API. Filters are called before the payload is sent to the APM server and you can modify any part of the payload including the spans. Please see our documentation for more detail.


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