Default path of Geodb in logstash


I need to know where Geodb files are referring in logstash ?

I have to place the new GeoIP.dat file. Can anyone help on this


If you are managing this file yourself then you should put it somewhere custom and then set


I need to know where default Geodb files are stored ?

Is this default path ?

"/usr/share/GeoIP "

I'd still strongly recommend you do what I suggested. If you upgrade LS then chances are it'll overwrite your new file and you will never know.

Yes i applied like this

database => "/etc/logstash/GeoIP.dat"

But i'm getting only the fields are [continent_code, country_code2, country_code3, country_name]
remaining fields are not available [city_name,latitude, longitude, postal_code, region_name and timezone]