Delay in creation of .sincedb file

To know logstash reading progress, I am monitoring .sincedb files. The issue is for large files (say 100-110 MB), .sincedb file is not being created within 0-10 minutes (it takes much more time to create it). I have tried to change the value of 'sincedb_write_interval' in config file, but this had no effect. Any idea what is happening here ? What could be the solution for this ?

Please note that the

  1. user through which the logstash is being run has the read/write permissions.
  2. I have set the path of .sincedb file in the config file.
  3. This issue is occurring on versions 2.3.3 as well as 2.4.0.

It is highly important to monitor the progress of logstash, without which my application wouldn't work properly as the user needs to be constantly updated about the progress.

Any help would be appreciated... :slight_smile: