Delete duplicate docs in ES 1.7

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I'm having a problem finding the right query for searching and deleting duplicated documents in my index.
I'm using ES 1.7.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

(Isabel Drost-Fromm) #2

How do you define a duplicate?

A brief search across the history of the discuss forum I'm currently typing this answer in revealed the following threads which might be helpful for you:

Hope this helps to get you started,

(Muhamadli302) #3

Thank you for your replay,
my definition for a duplicate is the same document with the same unique field under the same index.
This situation is caused by problems in inserting the data. So now I need to find an efficient way to find all the duplicates and delete them (leaving only one copy). It would be best if you could help us create a query that will find those duplicates and delete them.

Thank you!

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