Delete raw text files once file beat forwarded to ELK

Is there any way to delete text file in the folder after forwarding into ELK ? example 10 text file there in source folder 5 files has been sent through file beat to logstash and able to see in Kibana then once data available in kibana 5 text file should get delete in source folder

Our production server will create 100GB data per day in log4net logs text files once 10 GB forwarded to ELK data should get delete and remaining 90 GB should be there in the folder requirement is once data forwarded to ELK raw data in source folder should get delete

That's really a filebeat question rather than a logstash question. As far as I know, filebeat never deletes files. If you installed logstash instead you could use a file input in read mode, and then you can configure it to delete files as it processes them.

thanks we are planning to write powershell script but how do we get confirmation data is available in kibana once confirmed we can delete using powershell

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