Delete runner(allocator?) failed

(M Kiuchi) #1

When I'm going to remove one runner from ECE cluster, it failed.

There is no log. I've checked following to see some log, but it shows nothing.
docker logs -f <allocator's id>
docker logs -f <runner's id>
journalctl -f

Is there anything to do ?

(Uri Cohen) #2

Hi @m-kiuchi

Can you run the following command on the constructor and allocator hosts and post the tarballs here?
docker ps -a > /mnt/data/elastic/docker.out && tar czvf ece-logs.tgz $(find /mnt/data/elastic -name "*.log" -o -name "*.out")


(M Kiuchi) #3

Hi @uricohen

Here is log.


(Uri Cohen) #4

Hi @m-kiuchi

This seems to be a bug, I managed to reproduce it in my environment. I've opened a ticket for this and we'll fix this in one of the upcoming releases.
Thanks for reporting this!


(system) #5

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