Delete temporary storage and cookies upon session termination

Can Elasticsearch be configured to delete temporary storage and cookies upon session termination? If so, is it documented in anywhere?


There is no session or cookie in Elasticsearch. What do you mean?

I'm afraid my lack of familiarity with the products leaves me sounding foolish. I am thinking specifically of where a user logs into Elasticsearch directly, not through Kibana. I'm working on an application security assessment for ECE and there is no "user" documentation for Elasticsearch (as opposed to admin or dev documentation). I've turned to the forum out of frustration in my search for answers.

So a user does not "log in Elasticsearch" but authenticate himself for each request which is sent to the server.
As your questions are related to ECE, I'm moving the discussion to #orchestration:cloud-enterprise :wink:

Thanks and sorry for my lack of knowledge. I appreciate your help and recategorization.

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