Deleting files after logstash processes them

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I would like to know if there is a way of deleting log files once logstash has finished processing.

We have files sent to an input folder, logstash then processes them. I would like to clear them down once it is done (as we no longer need the files anymore). Reading through posts, logstash doesn't provide anything out of box (would be a nice enhancement :slight_smile: ).

How does everyone deal with this? Is it just a case of dumping the files to the input directory and then wait 24hours before removing?

This is on a Centos 7 environment, so not sure if there is a linux command to monitor the file itself?

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The latest version of the file input plugin has a read mode that I think support what you are looking for though the file_completed_action parameter. You may need to explicitly upgrade the plugin to get this version.

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