Deletion of eck-operator pod

We are upgrading out istio version.

ECK (and the elastic / kibana pods) have istio sidecar injected.

For all pods to take the new sidecars, a restart is needed, so that new pods are generated.

This is more or less manageable with kibana / elastic.

My question is whether it is ok to run kubectl delete pod elastic-operator-0.

Apart from us being unable to perform any operation during the pod's unavailability, is there any other impact? Assuming the pod is recreated and back to Running state, everything will be normal again?

I believe that this should be fine. (I've done a drain on a node with the operator before and it rebuilt just fine).

They also mention deleting the pod (and even the deployment) for migrating from ECK yaml install to helm install (Install ECK using the Helm chart | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [1.9] | Elastic).

Uninstall the current ECK operator. You can do this by taking the operator.yaml file you used to install the operator and running kubectl delete -f operator.yaml. Alternatively, you could delete each resource individually.

So, given these 2 things, I don't believe you will run into any issues deleting the ECK operator pod and letting it immediately recreate it.

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