Deletion of logs of filebeat client side

(Sd Karthik) #1

Is there a way where, logs on the source server are deleted after getting streamed. Like-- currently we have hourly logs on the source, which keeps rotating every hour. And currently I have Filebeats installed on these servers to stream all the logs to a central place and have an ignore_older of 30m, which I believe filebeat will have an open handler till this time(ignore_older).--I think this means if filebeat is down for more than ignorE_older

How about deleting the log files? after making sure the whole log is successfully streamed?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Beats cannot do this, given you are using something else to roll the logs already, you should be able to delete them with that.

(ruflin) #3

Also have a look at this issue:

(system) #4