Dell networking OS 9.8 use with Logstash

We are trying to monitor a Dell Switch and send some statistics to a central Logstash Repo running on a http IP address listening on a port. However, the way that we were doing it before was with the "curl -XPUT ..." command. However, on the Dell OS, curl is not available, and no tools that we know of can get the curl functionality onto the switch. Does anyone else know of a way that we can send from Dell OS to Logstash?

Edit: Linking the manual to the specific dell switch

Switches are usually monitored via SNMP, and Logstash has an SNMP input plugin.

We couldn't get the SNMP trap in the native dell OS working so are looking into the Cumulus Linux OS.

We are able to send SNMP traffic to the ELK stack running on a remote server. Using Wireshark we can see that SNMP traffic is being sent to the host IP and port 162. On Logstash's end, we have set up the configuration like
input { snmptrap{ type => "snmptrap" community => "myCommunity" host => "**********" port => 162 } }
Nothing is showing up on Logstash though. We are outputting to stdout with rubydebug and it works with a simple http curl request in another input filter with the same host, so we know that Logstash can listen to this host. We are running as sudo so we can bind to port 162. We set up an iptable rule to allow SNMP traffic through the firewall (UDP and TCP traffic) and this port. Is there something we are missing?