Deployed metricbeat by containerized but have and

I have deployed elasticsearch, metricbeat and kibana in kubernetes by containerized .
When I want to query data from elasticsearch by kibana, I find that there are and
what should I do to dispense
I also to see the fields.yaml in /etc/metricbeat and in the metricbeat.yml, I write
setup.template.fields: "/usr/share/metricbeat/fields.yml"
setup.template.overwrite: true
But It is no effective.
So ,please help me to solve this questions.Please!

Could you share your full config? It seems for some reason the template was not loaded which normally happens automatically. The template will only apply to new indices and not the ones you already started to ingest data.

Hello,thanks you answer!
In this question ,we tried a lot of solutions.We find ,if we used logstash ,and configuration metricbeat.yml ,like this :

It will be make this problem,but if we not use logstash ,and use this config:

It will no problem.
I do not know why?

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