Deploying Winlogbeat with Octopus Deploy

Looking for some guidance on using Octopus Deploy to deploy Winlogbeat.

The approach I've been trying is to deploy a wrapper Powershell script, which would then invoke the install-service-winlogbeat.ps1 script, which I have packaged ina winlogbeat-contents folder, along with winlogbeat.yml, cert files, etc.

The problem with this approach is the Windows account used by Octopus Deploy does not have the permissions to execute the New-Service command in install-service-winglobeat.ps1.

I guess one alternative is to use the "Deploy a Windows Service" step built into Octopus Deploy and hope it magically works.

Anyone else with experience deploying Winlogbeat with Octopus Deploy instead of the manual method described in Winlogbeat quick start: installation and configuration | Winlogbeat Reference [8.5] | Elastic? The manual method works fine in our lower environment servers, but due to our company security policies, we can't deploy Winlogbeat with the manual procedure.

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