Determine field type

Hello everyone,

I need a bit of help with this one .
I get an object in two forms :
1st form

{ "parent": { "child": { "id": 123 } } }

2nd form

{ "parent": { "child": [{ "id": 123 }] } }

I know that in the 2nd case I must use the split filter which works fine but here's the question :
How do you determine if the field type is an Array ?

if [parent][child][] {
 do stuff


Thanks in advance!

Anyone here ?

We're here but i'm unsure of how to answer. What are you trying to do in your if statement? You need some type of compare or else it won't do anything.

I am using the json filter and sometimes in the object I get an array, sometimes I don't .
What I am looking for is a way to determine if the json object contains an array or not .
Imagine that I get and sometimes I get parent.child[foo] . In the second case I must use split .

I don't know if this is clear enough ...