Determine when to stop capturing event and start another one

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Hi guys, say im sending an data to log stahs through http, the data is separated in commas and each line represent and single event (that i want it to be independent as a document)
Data for example:


i used csv filter like so :

csv {
columns => [
"ip address",
"physical address",
separator => ","

and i want each line to be represented as a document with this filter, but i dont quite get how do i seperate the events.

Edit: Problem solved.

Using Csv filter on a Split value
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Is the | the delimiter int he http body?

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yes it is
Edit: Problem solved.

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How did you solve it?

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I decided to use split{} and grok in order to get what i want.
the full input is recived via http and this is the config i used:

mutate {
remove_field => ["headers"]
split {
field => "message"
terminator => "|"
grok {
match => {"message" => ["%{IP:interface},%{IP:internet_address},%{MAC:physical_address},%{WORD:type}"]}


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