Different Kafka versions for Input and Output


like the title, my use case is consuming from Kafka and producing to Kafka

The plugin versions i'm using are 6.3.4 for Input and 4.2.0 for Output.

I'm able to consume but i'm having problems to produce; is this thing something that Logstash can do?

Thank you in advance for the support.

An update.

My specific use case is connecting to IBM Message Hub Kafka; i followed this stack overflow thread (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46629331/unrecoverable-error-with-kafka-input-plugin-connecting-to-ibm-message-hub/46640611#46640611) and i'm able to consume messages from the Brokers but i'm getting this errors when producing to my Kafka 0.9:

[DEBUG][org.apache.kafka.common.network.Selector] Connection with ..... disconnected
java.io.EOFException: null
at org.apache.kafka.common.network.NetworkReceive.readFromReadableChannel(NetworkReceive.java:83) ~[kafka-clients-]

It seems that the Producer config gets the custom kafka-clients- that i added to the Consumer, but ONLY when both kafka input and kafka output are set inside the pipeline.

Any suggestion?

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