Disk resize with eck vs helm

ECK is very easy to use so I chose it but it has one downside compared helm, I could do disk resize with some hack in helm installed ES.

But with operator installed ES this isn't possible, because as soon as I delete the statefulset, operator recreates it.

I know this is kubernetes limitation that resizing statefulset isnt allowed but with the hack we could do with helm chart.

Does anyone know how to resize the volume in operator installed ES?

this is the main pain point that is hesitating me in using the ECK over helm otherwise it is great.

nevermind, i found the answer here

To upgrade the storage size, you can create a new NodeSet , or rename an existing one. Renaming a NodeSet automatically creates a new StatefulSet with the specified storage size. The original StatefulSet is removed once the Elasticsearch data is migrated to the nodes of the new StatefulSet