Dissect filter warn when log contains Chinese word

I use dissect filter to parse a log which contains some Chinese word, it will prompt warn 'Dissector mapping, field found in event but it was empty'. What can i do for this warn.

This is my filter proxy:

filter {
  dissect {
    mapping => {
      "message" => "[%{head}] %{level} %{class} - %{body}"
      "body" => "%{}:%{json}"

  json {
    source => "json"

This is the log:

[HsfServerHandler-] INFO com.sitech.common.CrossEntity - 入参:{"ROOT":{"HEADER":{"ROUTING":{"ROUTE_KEY":"15","ROUTE_VALUE":"11"},"DB_ID":"A1","TRACE_ID":"","PARENT_CALL_ID":""},"BODY":{"ID_NO":0,"CALENDAR_DATE":"20180209000000","PHONE_NO":"","CUST_ID":0,"COMMON_INFO":{"APP_NAME":"NGBOSS","TRACE_ID":"","CALL_ID":"","ROUND_AUDIT":"Y","PROVINCE_GROUP":"10017","SER_NAME":"","DEST_PORT":"11001","APP_ID":"2000","ROUTING":{"ROUTE_KEY":"15","ROUTE_VALUE":"11"},"BAK2":"","SESSION_ID":"a294CSpVKlPX0j2T5dyCfxusJu9KnAogQTF2n_98rsULqQK8IuUg!-264498056!1518137322069","SRC_PORT":"5309","FROM_SYS":"BOSS","DEST_IP":""},"LOGIN_NO":"A0AAA0002","CODE_CLASS":701}}}

Update the dissect plugin to version 1.1.4 (version 1.1.3 is bad - it is effectively 1.1.1)

Very thanks for you

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