Dissect pattern not found

I cannot see why this isn't working (other event fields removed for clarity).

Dissector mapping, pattern not found {"field"=>"message", "pattern"=>" [%{level->}] %{}", "event"=>{"message"=>" [WARNING ] Test"}}

I think the problem is that there is nothing to tell dissect that -> refers to one or more spaces.

" [%{level->} ]%{}" will match ' [WARNING ] ] ]Test'

From the documentation:

Note, above, the second field has a -> suffix which tells Dissect to ignore padding to its right.

Surprising! Theoretically it should work. Is there a need to escape the square brackets?

Yes, but the delimiter to its right is a square bracket, not a space.

I don't think you understand what padding means.
It's supposed to capture everything up to the ] delimiter, then rtrim the result.

I don't think you understand what padding means.

" [%{level->}]%{}"

will match multiple right delimiters. The RHS delimiter here is ], so it matches

' [WARNING]]]Test'

For the pattern

" [%{level->}] %{}"

The RHS delimiter is '] ', so it will match

 ' [WARNING] ] Test'

If that's true then it's really badly documented.
How are you supposed to dissect a space-padded field within some delimiters then?

The delimiter is all the characters between the } and the next %{. The -> modifier will skip through repeating occurrences of these characters. So a single space character will skip multiple single spaces, a two space delimiter will skip multiple double spaces etc.

I think you have to grok it rather than dissect it.

or accept the spaces and use another dissect pattern on the field
message => "[%{field_w_spaces}] %{rest}"
then field_w_spaces => "%{field->} %{}" and remove_field => ["field_w_spaces"]

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