Distributed Tracing using java agent with Kafka based application

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I am currently working on observing traces provided in case of spring-boot application that uses Kafka messaging framework.
Below is my sample application details for both producer and consumer:
java version : 17
apache-kafka version: 3.6.1
Spring boot starter version : 3.1.1
Spring Kafka : 3.0.8

ELK Version : 8.11
ELK java agent : 1.36
The producer has an API that uses KafkaMessagePublisher to send message to the consumer.
On the Consumer service, there are no API , just consumer configurations and Listener class with @KafkaListener annotated methods that receives the messages sent by the producer service.

Both these producer and consumer service points to the same java elastic agent.
When traces for this is observed, I can only view traces of the API which is a producer to send message.
On the consumer services, there are no traces for configurations and Kakfa listener class found.

Is this the expected behavior of the agent. How can i get the traces of the consumer service?

Below is the attached snippet of the traces captured.

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Your screenshots shows spans named "Kafka record from example-topic": Those are the receival transactions.

What is missing here for you?

Hi @Jonas_Kunz ,

Just checked the metadata part of the spans.

Was not sure how the producer-consumer trace pattern looks like on kibana.

Got it now.

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