Do I need to setup built-in users and licensing a second time when setting up a second node on another system (eg EC2 instance)?


I'm following along in your "Fundamentals of Securing Elasticsearch" tutorial as part of your "learn-at-home" initiaitve but doing so from my own environment. I'm currently confused on a couple concepts concerning the process of setting up a second node.


My environment is ELK (Kibana & Elasticsearch) running on a EC2 instance (with a trial license) with just one node configured as of now. The tutorial requires at least 2 nodes so I have created a second EC2 instance to host this node. Next I have installed the elasticsearch via the RPM method on this second EC2 instance.


  • Do I need to setup another trail license for the second node or load my existing trial license (that's already loaded on the first node) on the second node too?
  • I assume I have to setup built-in users again whenever I create new nodes on a different system (e.g. EC2)?

I'm just slightly confused on how many installation/configuration steps get repeated when you setup additional nodes on other systems if that makes sense.

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The license applies to all nodes in the cluster, once any new nodes have joined the existing cluster.

Built in users/roles will also be applied in the same manner. But if you're using an external auth source like LDAP/AD, you do need to configure the auth source on the node (in the config files).

So in summary, you shouldn't need to do anything other than joining the node to the cluster :slight_smile:

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