Do I only need to run metricbeat setup once?

Hi, this may be a dumb question, but important to my work.

I was encountering a huge problem that I fixed by doing a metricbeat setup before running. I had previously thought I could get away without doing it, which is helpful because it is slow.

My question is, can I do this once for a single beat, and not have to run setup for each beat I deploy? I'm hoping that once the templates and dashboards are loaded into kibana/elasticsearch, I won't have to run setup again.

Are all the Metricbeats gonna be sending data into the same ES and use the same Kibana? I thought templates are loaded automatically when you start Metricbeat so you only need to load template once for setup if you are using one Kibana.

Yes, the same ES cluster and kibana instance. I've had success only loading the template once, but wanted to make sure because I've had problems with templates in the past.

You have to load the template for each new version of metricbeat too.

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