Do something when Logstash has finished processing

(Saram Ali) #1

Is there any way I can know that logstash has finished processing a log file. I know logstash is meant to read data streams but is there a work around by which I can know logstash has finished processing of the file which in my case would be that it has reached end of file.

In my use case I want to move the file to archive once it has been processed completely by logstash. This is kind of batch processing in which the log files aren't data streams but are static.

I found something on GIT

How can I install this plugin and use it. I can't find any instructions regarding how to use it.

(Paris Mermigkas) #2

Not inherently, no. What you can do is monitor your since_db file with a script and check periodically for files that have been fully processed (based on the size listed in the since_db file).

(Saram Ali) #3

@paz well I found an input plugin which seems like will do the job.

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