Doc link for jira and jira server is flipped for onprem v7.10.1-darwin

i'm using onprem v7.10.1-darwin on my mac, the doc link for jira and jira server is flipped.

Hi @Phoebe_Zhou!

Thanks for reporting! I've checked a few different branches, and can't find the same issue. Can you attach a screenshot or gif to show us where in the UI you've found the bad links?

Now I see what it means, jira server = jira onprem, jira=jira-cloud, it's a bit confusing. I was mislead by icon


Ah ok cool. Yes, this seems to be working as expected.

jira server = jira onprem, jira=jira-cloud

That's correct. I'll be sure to relay your confusion, to ensure that our messaging is clear with their names/logos.