Docker:LogStash Graylog

can anyone help me with my initial logstash+graylog configuration?

I have 4 docker container in total:

So my idea was that I will send all my logs (nxlog inputs) to the Logstash(parser/pipeline) and then results will be sent to Graylog.
nxlog config

Module om_tcp Host Port 5044 OutputType to_json(); Logstash container conf:` docker run --rm -it -d --user=root --name logstash -p 9600:9600 -p 5044:5044 --link graylogtest:graylog -v C:\tet\:/Config logstash -f /Config/logstash.conf`


input {
tcp {
codec => json_lines { charset => CP1252 }
port => "5044"
tags => [ "tcpjson" ]
output {
stdout { codec => rubydebug }
gelf {
host => 'graylog'
port => 5414

Sending inputs directly from the nxlog to the Graylog works perfectly.
But they are two main problems with the logstash:

  1. Gelf as output is not in the default package.
  2. I do not receive any inputs...

Thank you for any advice.

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