Docker services stop working when loosing connection from elastic-logging-plugin to ElasticDB


Im using Elastic-logging-plugin to collect logs from my docker containers and send them to Kibana but sometime the connection to ElasticDB got lost for reasons like internal error from ElasticDB server or network problem, all of my containers that use the plugin stopped working. I have check /var/log/syslog and saw this log:

dockerd[10758]: time="2021-01-25T08:11:00Z" level=error msg="2021-01-25T08:11:00.194Z\tINFO\t[publisher_pipeline_output]\tpipeline/output.go:151\tConnection to backoff(elasticsearch(http://my_elastic_db:port)) 

This is my logging config for services

        driver: "elastic/elastic-logging-plugin:7.10.0"
            hosts: "${ELASTIC_SEARCH_HOST}"
            user: "${ELASTIC_USER}"
            password: "${ELASTIC_PASSWORD}"
            index: "${ELASTIC_INDEX_PATTERN}"

Is there any idea for this issue?

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