Documentation Recommendation for Logstash Heap

I believe in the 6.x version (compared to 5.x) for Logstash that when you use the memory queue it no longer just uses the available memory of the OS but rather what you have predefined in $LogstashDir/jvm.options

Is it possible to add that to documentation in breaking changes and or here:

@neu5ron Logstash has always used the Java heap. We did switch to using the jvm.options file to define it however.

Thanks for the confirmation, learned through much headache :slight_smile:
I guess my recommendation / goal of this topic was:

  1. Mention the jvm.options in the logstash tuning guide --
  2. Mention that if using memory queue to increase jvm.options --
  3. Mention in the jvm.options section about memory queue/tuning --

I only say this just to prevent everyone from future questions/troubleshooting.
Also, I have ran into a few seasoned logstash folks who had no idea and or never thought to tune/change logstash's jvm.options
There is just a lot of emphasis on elasticsearch jvm.options that it is easy to forget/overlook logstash jvm.options :slight_smile:

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