Does apm-java-agent support java.util.concurrent.Future

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Kibana version:7.4

Elasticsearch version:7.4

APM Server version:7.4

APM Agent language and version:1.16

Browser version:google

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Not sure what you mean by supporting Futures - is it the duration of get invocations? Then we do not.
If it is about context propagation when using concurrent frameworks, then we currently support ExecutorService and we will soon extend that to supporting additional frameworks.

thank you for your reply. i still
i use the java-util-concurrent-future to in the project,when i use java agent ,some traces can not show,so t ask the question.
i see, something can be shown,but not all things

Please try out this snapshot agent. If it doesn't make a difference, you may be using several async frameworks, some of which we support and some we do not.

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