Does eventlog plugin support on Chinese windows 2012R2?

I am using LS 2.1. My Windows servers are all Chinese Windows 2012R2. I configure LS to use eventlog plugin to collect windows security log. but the output is like below"
"message" => "\xD5\xCA\xBB\xA7\xB5\xC7\xC2\xBC\xCA\xA7\xB0\xDC\xA1\xA3\r\n\r\n\xCA\xB9\xD3\xC3\xD5\xDF:\r"

I tried to set the charset to GB18030, GB2312, GBK, the output are all the same?

Does eventlog not support on chinese Windows server?

Please keep it to a single thread, some will answer if they can :smile: