Does Heartbeat have feature like Logstash pipeline?

I am trying to monitor a healthcheck url but it has to first call a token API to get the token then pass the token value to the next healthcheck API which I actually want to monitor.

In the past, I'm using Logstash http-poller to call a token API to get a new token then pass the token to the next pipeline's http-poller to call the healthcheck API with the token in the header.

As I known about heartbeat. There's not any feature like I mentioned above. So how to manage this kind of token expiration problem when monitor URL which has to request with token?

The filebeat HTTPJSON input has the ability to use an OAuth2 token.
Would that work for you?

I don't know what do you need exactly, but there was development around the HTTPJSON recently: Salesforce auth support.

Heartbeat doesn't really support that yet, but we'd like to with API journeys eventually! See the following issue: Multi Step API Journeys · Issue #137 · elastic/synthetics · GitHub

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