Does http_poller plugin supports OAUTH 2.0?

Hi All,

I have a API which works on OAuth 2.0
A OAuth 2.0 API requires Authorization as header which holds bearer token
This is generated using Refresh Token, ClientID, Client Secret given values.( this are fixed values)

Currently this Authorization Header expired every 5 minutes, i have to go and generate it manually.I generate this through curl command . So i am not able to keep pipeline alive for a longer period of time.

In order to run my pipeline forever, i need to have this Authorization header token alive all the time.

Note : The API does provide Ruby as one of my client library. With this ruby script also the we can generate Authorization Bearer token

Has anyone tries OAuth 2.0 with http_poller?. This is common for all OAuth 2.0 APIs

Please let me know how i can achieve the solution


Has anyone tried out this? Or any idea how can i achieve this dynamic tokens and still refresh my conf file?

Thanks in advance

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