Does Http_poller use something simillar to "sincedb" as File input does?

I know that File input plugin uses sincedb to "remember" the state of the file and the index position.

But what about other input plugins and specifically http_poller?
Because i have noticed that if i make the same request and the response is the exact same there will be no changes to the pipeline. I know that because i have a Ruby script that doesn't print something out.

I have found in the docs about the target option, but im not sure if it works the same as sincedb does.

Thanks a lot

I think only the file and jdbc inputs can maintain state about what they have already processed. The http_poller cannot.

The target option determines which field on the event the input should use to store the response. It is not related to remembering state.

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Thanks then. It's a bit strange that sometimes i see the clock and the interval has passed but i don't see any action from the pipeline(i have print statements in ruby script). Maybe I'm wrong but i will have to check it again

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