Does jdbc_user get signed out after run of pipeline?

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I had a look around the web but couldn't really find anything.

After a pipeline has executed, does this plugin sign the given user out from the SQL server or retain the connection for future runs?

If the latter, is there a way to force a sign out to happen?

I'm connecting to an annoying proprietary flavour of SQL which has some steep licencing costs and currently getting an error which suggests that the user connections from my dev/test/staging environments are still signed in.

I was just trying to gather some data before I approach the service provider (as their support is pretty rough, and you guys rule!).


OK so I've been doing some digging.

By running netstat -an I've found that my standard SQL server connections all show as established and the ones to the proprietary SQL mentioned in the original post are showing as close_wait.

This seems to suggest that logstash doesn't close the connection correctly after querying. At least by default.

Is there something I'm missing?

Also, is there anybody here? There doesn't seem to be any docs around this and the plugin page says to ask questions here. If I'm missing any helpful info please ask and I'll supply it.

Assuming the plugin you are using uses the mixin, the connection is opened before a statement executes and closed after. On the other hand, the integration uses long-lived connections. So the answer is going to depend on which version of which plugin you are asking about.

Hey Badger,

Thanks so much or the response. I'm currently trying to nail down whether it's the plugin or the driver I'm having to use so this is super helpful.

Ok so the following is the output from Logstash CLI:

# logstash --version
logstash 7.16.2

# logstash-plugin list --verbose
logstash-integration-jdbc (5.1.8)
 ├── logstash-input-jdbc
 ├── logstash-filter-jdbc_streaming
 └── logstash-filter-jdbc_static

I'm using it with docker and the version of LS I'm using is unfortunately limited by the version of elastic we're using in production.

I haven't really done anything with the version of the plugin, that's the one that comes packaged with the the image but looking at the plugin page, this is the correct version for this version of LS.

It looks like the suggested mixin was merged in 4.3.19 so I'd assume that it would be using it. What would be the best way to verify?

Thanks again.

You would have to wade through the github change logs, but it certainly looks like you are using the integration.

Awesome, Thanks again for your help Badger.

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