Does K8s autodiscover work for all namespaces?


As the title says I was wondering whether hint-based autodiscover for K8s (following this documentation) searches through all namespaces by default?

I have a metricbeat Daemonset running in the kube-system namespace, and am trying to scrape application logs using the following annotations:

co.elastic.metrics/module: prometheus
co.elastic.metrics/metricsets: collector
co.elastic.metrics/hosts: '${}:8080'
co.elastic.metrics/period: 10

Metricbeat is able to ship the K8s cluster metrics but doesn't seem to be shipping the application metrics, which Prometheus running on its own is able to scrape.


Yes, autodiscover watches all namespaces by default.

Could you share the autodiscover configuration of your Metricbeat?
Could you also check if Metricbeat is logging any error?

I can post the full Yaml configuration file that I am using, but specifically I have the ConfigMap below which from documentation I understood to be where to put the "Metricbeat.autodiscover" options.


apiVersion: v1

kind: ConfigMap


  name: metricbeat-deployment-modules

  namespace: kube-system


    k8s-app: metricbeat


  kubernetes.yml: |-

    - module: kubernetes


        - state_node

        - state_deployment

        - state_replicaset

        - state_pod

        - state_container

        - event

      period: 10s

      hosts: ["kube-state-metrics.${KUBE_STATE_METRICS_NAMESPACE}:${KUBE_STATE_METRICS_PORT}"]

      enabled: true

      bearer_token_file: /var/run/secrets/



        - type: kubernetes

          hints.enabled: true

I don't believe it is logging any errors, Metricbeat is already scraping some K8s metrics from the cluster it's running in without issue.

Autodiscover configuration has to be placed in the main metricbeat.yml configuration file, not in kubernetes.yml.

You can find a reference manifest for metricbeat in Kubernetes here:

There you can see where the autodiscover configuration is placed.

Thanks, I will give that a go.

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