Does Logstash has a limit size for each event-message?


I am using file input plugin and wanted to know if Logstash has a size limit for each message/event?
If yes, is it configurable? I am not able to find it in any documentation.


Why do you want to do this?


I do not mean to change it but we see cases where our multi-line log messages have xml embedded in them.
I am fine if long messages get truncated but wanted to know what is the upper limit when it gets truncated so that we can advise our application teams to log messages accordingly.

I don't believe there is any limit, but then I don't know if we've tested massively long XML files (nor what massive is in this context).

If you can get your apps team to alter things I'd recommend getting them to log in JSON instead :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark! :slight_smile:

Turns out that you can set a limit for the multiline filter, but not for the XML one.

I'm facing same issue. My event contain XML data and it have more than 2500 lines, but when i check message field it contain 500 lines. Is there any limit has to increase for the message filed