Does logstash have anything as Pattern_dir for Match_Dir?

I have multiple GROK match patterns.
grok { match => { "message" => [ "GROK Pattern 1", "GROK Pattern 2" ] } }

Do we have anything as patterns_dir for above match patterns.
i.e. patterns_dir => ["/opt/logstash/patterns", "/opt/logstash/extra_patterns"]

This will make my conf file look more cleaner, short and simple to read.

Yes, that is directly from the docs -

patterns_dir => ["/opt/logstash/patterns", "/opt/logstash/extra_patterns"]

This is for patterns_dir. I am asking for multiple grok match patterns.

Oh right, your use of that in the OP threw me.

No, you cannot.

Cool. No problem.

Thanks again.