Does Logstash is able to support wildcards when specifying JMX object names?

I am using logstash jmx plugin to log kafka cluster metrics into ELK. But Kafka exposes metrics at granular levels. So i want to know whether i can use wildcards in object names to log metrics at per topic or per clientid level into ELK.

Hi Sai,

even i am facing the same issue, can you able to figure out the solution for this.

Hi natarajan,
No I couldn't get logstash jmx plugin to expose metrics at granular levels for kafka. But i used jmx-trans and logstash to get the metrics at granular levels into elasticsearch. Jmxtrans gives the metrics at granular levels. Logstash simply parses those results and push to elasticsearch

Hi sai,

Thanks for your response.

Can you please give me an simple example on how to use jmxtrans to get the

Can we use the object names of producer and consumer which was given in official site

This can get u started

hi Sai,

thanks for the link. i have referred the link which was granular level metrics which is working fine.

have you tried with getting metrics of producer and consumer of kakfa? we need client id for getting the metrics.