Does logstash support zip format logs from s3 bucket

Hi Team,

Just want to know does logstash support the integration of logs from s3 bucket which are in .zip format?


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According to docs,yes

Hi @Rios

we are facing issue

Need some confirmation


The documentation is for input s3 plugin not http_poller. Use s3 plugin.

But i am getting the above error


Hi @Rios ,

Any advise please

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this is my input config

don't know why not able to pull.


I haven't try, however this might help:
gzip_pattern >= ".*?$"
or zip restrictive:
gzip_pattern >= "\.zip$"


  • Value type is string*
  • Default value is "\.gz(ip)?$"*

Regular expression used to determine whether an input file is in gzip format.

If doesn't work, enable debug level in LS, and copy text log not as a pic, maybe someone from Elastic team might have an additional idea.

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