Does Swiftype index anchor tag URLs when crawling a page?


I have a page that should be displayed differently based on some URLs selectors. To achieve this I have hidden multiple anchors inside the markup that redirect to the page with the appropriate content. Based on that I can then choose which sections to index or to ignore just fine, I know this works because I have done the same for a product details page that changes its content based on the product.

The issue is that even though I made sure that each instance of the page has its own canonical URL the crawler seems to be treating it all the same and just indexing the parent. Does the crawler only indexes pages it finds on the sitemap? For what is worth I added the starting URL along the sitemap on the dashboard's options for starting URLs and the only difference between this pages and the product details is that the later do appear on the sitemap.xml.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jean,

Unfortunately Swiftype Site Search ignores anchor tags / hash fragments when indexing pages (even via site maps).

It's definitely been a feature/enhancement suggested in the past, but not currently on our radar. Alternative approaches could be to use an API engine or to use App Search on Elastic Cloud instead for ingesting non-page data via JSON.

Sorry I couldn't help more!

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