Does this group cover Lovebeat? Is so how does one change the web ui port

I just installed Lovebeat on my Stage server but the default port 8080 is already in use so I need to know how to change the default port for the web ui. Looking in the config file but nothing is jumping out at me - I tried modifying this block and didn't seem to have any affect.

TCP listener, for the dashboard and the HTTP API

listen = ":8080"


What is lovebeat?

I'm just learning about it but from what I've read is that It is a zero-configuration heartbeat monitor for use with Logstash that can be used for monitoring services on remote servers. It's been around for a couple of years but I'm not finding a lot of documentation or information on it and we need something to monitor our Logstash service and am looking at it to possibly monitor service on remote servers.

What looks good about this is it handles sending out alerts and notifications.

Lovebeat documentation

This isn't an Elastic Beat sorry, you will need to ask the original author for assistance.

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