Dont have Query count and cumulated duration [Filebeat PostgreSQL]

Hi. ELK stack version 6.6.2. I deployed a new server with PostgreSQL and I use Filebeat to send PostgreSQL logs the the elasticsearch cluster. I added the pluggin PostgreSQL and imported the dashboard (filebeat setup -e).

Dont have:
Query count and cumulated duration [Filebeat PostgreSQL]
Query Durations [Filebeat PostgreSQL]
Slow Queries [Filebeat PostgreSQL]

cat modules.d/postgresql.yml

- module: postgresql
  # All logs
    enabled: true

     - /var/lib/pgsql/11/data/log/*.log

cat /var/lib/pgsql/11/data/postgresql.conf | grep -v "^#" | grep -v "^$"

max_connections = 100 
shared_buffers = 128MB
dynamic_shared_memory_type = posix 
max_wal_size = 1GB
min_wal_size = 80MB
log_destination = 'stderr'
logging_collector = on
log_directory = 'log' 
log_filename = 'postgresql-%a.log' 
log_truncate_on_rotation = on 
log_rotation_age = 1d 
log_rotation_size = 0 
log_duration = on
log_line_prefix = '%m [%p] '
log_timezone = 'W-SU'
datestyle = 'iso, mdy'
timezone = 'W-SU'
lc_messages = 'en_US.UTF-8' 
lc_monetary = 'en_US.UTF-8' 
lc_numeric = 'en_US.UTF-8'
lc_time = 'en_US.UTF-8' 
default_text_search_config = 'pg_catalog.english'

I am not sure I understand your problem. Could you please provide more information?

Can you send example postgresql.conf for parse log of Filebeat?

Your configuration is correct.

I'm having an even harder time getting this to work for me. Grok can't understand logs from the default PostgreSQL@11 pattern, no matter how I setup log_line_prefix. I have tried:

  • empty/default
  • '%m [%p] ' like the OP
  • '%t [%p]: [%l-1] user=%u,db=%d,client=%h,appname=%a' like used in production for me

I was hoping the default-everything would "just work ©". I went through all of 7.0.0-rc1 beat docs and found nothing about having to specify log pattern for grok, not even how to do it.

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