Dotnet APM context propgagation

Does something similar to exist for the latest version of the Kibana APM agent? I'd like to forward a transaction if the headers for the trace are available.

Hi @illegalnumbers,

Yes - This part of the doc describes how this works in the .NET APM Agent.

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Am I to understand then that if a request, say from a DelegatingHandler, has the elastic-apm headers on it then Agent.Tracer.CurrentSpan will be populated automatically?

For context, I have a ASP.NET Core application that is a microservice that ingests Azure Service bus messages. After ingesting it runs a variety of http calls to other microservices. I plugged in the quickstart stuff but none of those http calls are logged so my thought was that I should consume any transaction headers on any queries that I make to other services if they are present and manually use the public api for tracers to setup my transactions. Unless there is a better way to consume this?

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