Dotnet auto instrumentation not stopping after removing system level environmnet variable

I am using dotnet profiler auto instrumentation for framework application,
it is working well and i can see the data coming to apm-server.

Observation 1 : updating the servicename in environment variable is not reflected. apm-server still receives older environment variable.

Observation 2 : deleting environment variable is not reflected in dotnet profiler.
I removed all environment variables, but the apm-server still receiving data.

after system restart both updating and deleting get reflected in profiler. but we can't do system restart always in our setup.

Am I missing something, Do I have to do any steps to make the profiler get a latest environment variable.

dotnet framework runtime version : 4.8.09037

elastic apm profiler version : 1.26.0

os version : windows 2012 r2

IIS verion : 8.5

Original install method

Added all environment variables in system global level.

There are no other dotnet profilers are present in the system.

Hi, @prakash6174.

After modifying system environment variables you are generally required to run at least iisreset to restart the IIS process in order to pick up the new environment variables. This is slightly less invasive than a full system restart.