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(Muratungor) #1

I have 2 filter in my metricbeat.yml

drop_event.when.equals.system.network.name: lo
drop_event.when.regexp.mount_point: '^/(automnt|tmp|boot|net|misc|/var/lib|sys|cgroup|proc|dev|etc|host|run)($|/)'

second filter (mount_point) is working but system.network.name: lo filter is not working.
Can you help me please
best regards

(Steffen Siering) #2

Please use the </> button to format configuration files. This will preserve whitespace.

The filter setting in metricbeat 5.x is applied on the non-finalized event. You have to access the keys by it's local name. For example the mount_point its full name is system.filesystem.mount_point. The local name of system.network.name is just name. When moving the filters to the global scope (processors setting), you will operate on the full event.

With metricbeat 6.0 beta1, we replaced the local filter setting with a local processors setting. The new setting operates on the complete event and requires you to use system.network.name and system.filesystem.mount_point. This helps resolving ambiguities.

(Muratungor) #3

Hello Steffens
We're using metricbeat 5.5.2-1 . I've changed key to local name. You can find the configuration file below. But still I can see the lo interface events

< - module: system
# CPU stats
- cpu

# System Load stats
- load

# Per CPU core stats
#- core

# IO stats
- diskio

# Per filesystem stats
- filesystem

# File system summary stats
#- fsstat

# Memory stats
- memory

# Network stats
- network

# Per process stats
#- process

# Sockets (linux only)
#- socket
enabled: true
period: 60s
processes: ['.*']
 drop_event.when.equals.name: lo
 drop_event.when.regexp.mount_point: '^/(automnt|tmp|boot|net|misc|/var/lib|sys|cgroup|proc|dev|etc|host|run)($|/)'


(Muratungor) #4

It's work with regexp. now it seems like below

  enabled: true
  period: 60s
  processes: ['.*']
    - drop_event.when.equals.device_name: sunrpc
    - drop_event.when.regexp.mount_point: '^/(automnt|tmp|boot|net|misc|sys|cgroup|proc|dev|etc|host|run)($|/)'
    - drop_event.when.regexp.name: '^lo'

(Steffen Siering) #5

Is your network device named lo or something like lo0?

(Muratungor) #6

its just lo

(system) #7

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