Dropping stacktrace Lines after greedy data

I've got these lines that are after my greedy data similar to these:

at au.com.xxx.etrading.xxxxx.messaging.tum.AbstractTumProtoSubscriber$TumProtoEventListener.go

and logstash attempts to process them thereby generating a lot of stack trace errors like these:

BulkShardRequest [[logstash-2017.08.16-pf][2]] containing [14] requests
org.elasticsearch.index.mapper.MapperParsingException: Could not dynamically add mapping for field [Thread.java]. Existing mapping for [Thread] must be of type object but found [text]

They come right after my greedydata line. How do I drop the first lines so they don't get processed so I can avoid all the errors.

Didn't you recently ask the same question in another thread?

Instead of deleting useful stacktrace line you should use a multiline codec to join the lines of the stacktrace with the log message they come from.

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