Duplicate entries into Elastic Search

I am using ELK 6.71. I am able to get logs data to Elastic Search by input plugin from MySQL database and i scheduled to execute the SQL query for every 1 minute. But, every time logstash runs the query it also fetches the previously fetched documents(duplicates).
Is there any way to fetch only the new entries every time i run the SQL query. Every document contains a unique log number field.

Thanks in advance.

If you are using the jdbc input and you have a sequence in a column then the input can manage state.

few month ago when I started with elk, I had same problem.
we are using jdbc 90% of the time.

please show us your logstash input section.
is your database has uniq field?

Yes, my database has unique "logid" field. It auto generates every time a new entry comes in.

what is your output section looks like?
document_id => "%{logid}"

and you won't have duplicate

But problem here I see is that you are doing full query to table_name every second which is not good for large database.
and by doing this your elasticsearch is also working over time

for example you have
logid name as database filed. you have 10 record.
you read them first time and elasticserach will insert in to it's database

now lets say after two second you have 10 more record in your mysql database
elk will read that 20 record.
remove 10 from first one and insert 20 in.

I hope this make sense.

I tried and not working. Logstash is not at all starting.

Thanks @Badger and @elasticforme. Solution is perfectly working fine for me.

Glad to hear that. come often to this site and share your experience.

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