Duplicate file entries in registry file on system with RAID 5


Debian 10 linux with software raid 5, 3 ssd disks:

    ARRAY /dev/md1 level=raid1 num-devices=3 metadata=0.90 UUID=6a96a1c6:818e4a81:5ca9666b:e9209fa3
    ARRAY /dev/md2 level=raid1 num-devices=3 metadata=0.90 UUID=89ed1650:8b88611a:5ca9666b:e9209fa3
    ARRAY /dev/md3 level=raid1 num-devices=3 metadata=1.2 name=10933001:swap UUID=f80f1c0e:b0d75aef:6332d0e8:e13ec433
    ARRAY /dev/md4 level=raid5 num-devices=3 metadata=1.2 name=10933001:tmp UUID=34cdef57:64a1b74a:3ac42e3d:7edf3ced
    ARRAY /dev/md5 level=raid5 num-devices=3 metadata=1.2 name=10933001:root UUID=9d39c71a:a6794054:b091bfce:c0abbaad

filebeat config:

    filebeat.registry.flush: 60s
    filebeat.shutdown_timeout: 10s
      - type: log
        clean_inactive: 720h
        ignore_older: 48h
        close_inactive: 1h
        scan_frequency: 30s
          - /var/www/app/web/storage/parsed/*/*/*/*/logstash.log
      hosts: [""]

after server reboot i find, that filebeat duplicated some files in registry with different device ids and also with different offsets, example:

    	"_key": "filebeat::logs::native::22151340-2429",
    	"offset": 6058887,
    	"ttl": 2592000000000000,
    	"type": "log",
    	"FileStateOS": {
    		"inode": 22151340,
    		"device": 2429
    	"id": "native::22151340-2429",
    	"prev_id": "",
    	"source": "/var/www/app/web/storage/parsed/2021/05/12/574/logstash.log",
    	"timestamp": [516275907982, 1620833672],
    	"identifier_name": "native"
    }, {
    	"_key": "filebeat::logs::native::22151340-2430",
    	"source": "/var/www/app/web/storage/parsed/2021/05/12/574/logstash.log",
    	"timestamp": [516035301277, 1620833673],
    	"identifier_name": "native",
    	"id": "native::22151340-2430",
    	"prev_id": "",
    	"offset": 165418997,
    	"ttl": 2592000000000000,
    	"type": "log",
    	"FileStateOS": {
    		"inode": 22151340,
    		"device": 2430

how it's possible that same file, with same inodeId, but different deviceIds and offset appear in registry?

probably someone met such situation.

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