Duplicated data in kafka using logstash

I am using logstash pipeline data from elasticsearch to kafka.
I have an index(asd_logstash-2018.07.15) with around 1000 docs, but upon checking in kafka it went around 22k messages and continuously increasing.

I came across this blog https://www.elastic.co/blog/logstash-lessons-handling-duplicates, but I don't know how to pass ID in kafka.

Here is my config.

  hosts => ""
  index => "asd_logstash-2018.07.15"
  size => 1000
  scroll => "5m"
  docinfo => true 

  codec => json
  topic_id => "sampletest"
  bootstrap_servers => ""

I tried to use fingerprint filter plugin from logstash but the output if kafka still duplicates.

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