Dynamic field fetching

I have a field "msg_string" in my logs which has multiple fields saparated by tilda "~"
e.g. msg_string =firstname~lasname~city~hobby~marks ...
position of fields firstname,lastname are at index 0 and 1
the position of field city is not fixed i can appear anywhere in msg_string hence i am using look up with city names. I am using split to saparate out fields in msg_string and extract firstname and lastname
I have a file with city names for look up i want to add a field name city using lookup file
how to do it please help.
split => ["msg_string","~"]
add_field => {"firstname"=> "%{[msg_string][0]}"}
add_field => {"lastname"=> "%{[msg_string][1]}"}

Can you not use a cab filter with “~” as a separator or perhaps a dissect filter?

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