ECE 2.2 Unable to upload self-signed certificates

Has anyone tried uploading self-signed tls certs on ECE deployments? We are trying to use self signed certificates on our internal deployment.

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I believe all our testing for the cert uploads was performed using self-signed certs so it should work. We also definitely have some customers with deployments that are TLS-protected and not connected to the internet. The linked LetsEncrypt thread essentially describes how to do it, since the CA cert at the top of that chain is self-signed.


Thanks Alex,

Can you please confirm the files need to concat? Just want to make sure I am not doing anything wrong.

I don't have any insight that isn't documented in the ECE docs or ECE 2.0.1 Unable to upload Letsencrypt TLS certificate

If you run into issues then you can post them here or potentially open a support ticket (if I can't answer I can loop in people with more expertise at debugging these!)


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